ActiveDS S

Start Your Day Off Feeling Fresh, with Active DS S

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  • Q. 
    When is the best time to take ActiveDS S? 
  • A. 
    We recommend taking this product in the evening. Those that have sensitive stomachs should consume this product with food. 
  • Q. 
    What is it good for?
  • A. 
    Contains dietary fibers to help support healthy bowels and digestive health. 
  • Q. 
    Can I take this product with other supplements?
  • A. 
    Every supplement varies but it should not be a problem.
  • Q. 
    What kind of products should I take ActiveDS D with?
  • A. 
    We recommend using this product with Active DS PRO, Active DS PRO Whey, Active DS PRO Vege, Active DS D, Active DS A, General Balance Energy, General Balance Digestive Complex, General Balance Amino Acid Complex, General Balance Rocket Power, etc. 
  • Q. 
    Does this product contain artificial preservatives or additives?
  • A. 
    This product does not contain artificial preservatives, fragrances, or coloring agents, used for production efficiency and or product stabilization. 
  • Q. 
    How old do you have to be in order to consume this product?
  • A. 
    We recommend this product for 15 years or older. 
  • Product Name
    ActiveDS S
  • Product Type
    Dietary Supplement
  • Net Wt.and Qty
    2.1 oz
  • (Daily) Serving Size
    2g (20 pills)
  • Directions
    Take approximately 2g (20 pills), once a day with water
  • Ingredients
    Chicory root, Magnesium hydroxide, Cereal enzyme powder(glutinous rice, brown rice, sorghum, Black Rice, barley, glutinous millet, White- Soybean, Black- Soybean, Red bean, Adlay, oats, Rice, wheat, nonglutinous rice, brown glutinous rice, Corn, Green gram, embryo bud of rice), Probiotics mixed formulation(Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Plantarum capsule powder, Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Lactobacillus sakei, Vegitable cream, Maltose, Glucose, Lactose, Fructooligosaccharide, Xylooligosaccharide, Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)), Laminaria powder, Cirsium japonicum DC. var. ussuriense Kitamura, Curcuma root extract powder, Glasswort concentrate powder, Aloe arborescens 
  • Precautions
    ※ This product is produced in a facility that also handles eggs, milk, buckwheat, soybeans, sulfuric acid, walnuts, beef, squid, shellfish (clams, abalone, mussels), mackerel, and pine nuts.
  • Disclaimer
    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Manufactured Date & Expiration
    Listed Seperated
  • Manufacturer
    General Bio Co., Ltd.
  • Distributed By
    GCOOP USA Corp.
  • Made in
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