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General Balance Fucoidan

Formulated with 91% Fucoidan Sourced From South Korea

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General Balance

Helps to support the immune
system and cell division.

Net Wt.: 2.1 oz. (60 g) / 400 mg x 150 tablets
Ingredients: Seaweed Extract Powder/Undaria pinnatifida, Dry Yeast, Corn Starch, Chicory Root Extract Powder, Seaweed Extract Powder/Laminaria Japonica, Yeast Extract powder/Glutathione, Grain Mixed Powder (Rice buds, Rice bran powder, Rice starch)
※ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.※

General Balance Calcium Fucoidan
5 Key Features


Enhanced with Zinc!


Contains Fucoidan Sourced in South Korea


4 Supplementary Ingredients


Quality Ingredients


FREE of Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, HMPC, Artificial Fragrances, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors

point 01

Enhanced with Zinc!

Start your day with Zinc to help support the immune system and cell division!

Zinc is a component of more than 200 enzymes in the body and is involved in metabolic processes and biological reactions. In particular, it is involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids such as RNA and DNA, and also helps to support normal immune function.

About Zinc

Zinc is a trace element present in all tissue in the human body

Regulates major metabolic processes or reactions in the body

Necessary for maintaining the structure and function of membranes

Essential for normal cell division and immune support

point 02

Contains Fucoidan Sourced in
South Korea

(Undaria Pinnatifida Fucoidan, Laminaria Japonica Fucoidan)
Contains 1,820 mg Per Serving

100% Sourced in South Korea

Sourced from Wando, Jeonnam in South Korea

point 03

4 Supplementary Ingredients





Glutathione is an 'amino acid compound' composed of three amino acids, produced by the liver.
(Ingredient Characteristics)

Grain Mixed Powder

Rice Buds

Contains 66% functional ingredients
Rich in vitamins, minerals, octacosanol, linoleic acid, ferulic acid, etc.

Rice Bran Powder

Contains 29% functional ingredients
Rich in fibers and plant based fats

Rice Starch

Contains 5% functional ingredients
Contains Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats

Source: Rural Development Administration "Quality, Functionality and Use of Rice" 2015-11-23 Supplementary Ingredient Rice "Rice For a Healthy Life"
(Ingredient Characteristics)


point 04

Quality Ingredients
(From Sourcing to Processing)

"Alcohol Free Manufacturing Process"
Through repeated dialysis, Fucoidan produced has little to no impurities

point 05

FREE of Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, HPMC, Artificial Fragrances, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors

(Free of chemical excipients)

Free of

Silicon Dioxide

Free of

Magnesium Stearate

Free of

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC)

Free of

Artificial Fragrances

Free of

Artificial Colors

Free of

Artificial Flavors

Recommended For

Those who want more energy and vitality

Those who want to maintain or improve their health

Those looking for Fucoidan supplement that is highly absorbable

Those who want a fast and effective Fucoidan supplement

Those who want a Fucoidan supplement with sulfated fucose

Those looking for a natural seaweed supplement

Tablet and Packaging


Chicory, Rice Extract


The dark brown specks are fucoidan, the yellow specks are glutathione, and the white specks are chicory and rice extract. It is normal for these specks to show through in the tablet.

* Since it does not contain silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, or HPMC, tablets may crush easily.

Use the stickers provided to
label as desired.



General Balance, a healthy habit to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

General Balance is committed to the health of people around the world. We have researched and developed a line of dietary supplements that contain the necessary nutrients that help to support overall health.

Health Information

What is Fucoidan?

Fucoidan is a polysaccharide found in various types of brown algae such as motsk, seaweed, kelp, and seaweed (approximately 0.1% of Fucoidan in brown algae). Fucoidan is composed of Fucose and Galactose, among various monosaccharides, and is combined with other essential sugar components and sulfate groups.

Search online to learn more about the benefits of Fucoidan.

Contains Fucose

Fucoidan = Sulfate group + Fucose
Fucoidan contained in seaweed contains sulfate group and fucose component.

Approximately 25%~36%

Approximately 10%~16%

Be sure that your Fucoidan supplement is derived from seaweed and kelp from clean oceans!

Fucoidan derived from seaweed sourced in Wando, South Korea, contains twice as much sulfate group as Motsk Fucoidan. The sulfate group content of Fucoidan from seaweed sourced in Wando's clean oceans is known to be around 25 to 36% on average, while the sulfate group content of Motsuk Fucoidan from Japan is lower, approximately 10%~16%. In addition, domestic kelp Fucoidan contains enough Fucose, and the Fucose and Sulfuric Acid can be consumed together. C62

Search online to learn more about the benefits of Fucoidan.


B – Corp Certified Company
What is B Corp Certification?

‘B-Corp’, which means Benefit-Corporation, is a global certification system for social enterprises, created by B Lab (US nonprofit organization) in 2007, to provide solutions for social and environmental problems through business and to expand the number of companies that have a positive impact on society

Best Family Friendly Management Certification
What is Best Family Friendly Management Certification?

Corporations that are exemplary in their compliance of the Best Family Friendly Management Standards are evaluated and certified. Best Family Friendly Management Corporations support the national economy (South Korea) by focusing on their marketability, distribution to create a stable working environment for their employees. Through family friendly management they are also able to foster a better quality of life for employees and encourage a family friendly management culture in corporations across various industries

Dietary Supplement Certification Health Functional Food Certification
What are Health Functional Foods?

Health Functional Foods approved by the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) are supplements that help to support and maintain health and are not drugs that treat or prevent disease.

GMP Certified!
What is GMP Certification?

GMP certification ensures the basic standards of safety and effectivity of foods, supplements and drugs. As a basic standard that guarantees the safety and effectivity of the quality, manufacturing standards, and management standards, of foods, supplements and drugs, it specifies various requirements that are to be met in overall quality control, from the receipt of raw ingredients by the facilities to the distribution of the final product.

Whatis ISO9001?

ISO9001isaninternationalstandardforqualitymanagementsystems, established and implemented by the International Organization for Standardization.

  • Q. 
    What is General Balance Fucoidan good for?
  • A. 
    0.3% to 0.5% of Fucoidan is found in seaweed and kelp. It is widely known for it's health benefits. 
    Fucoidan is known as an adaptogen, which helps to support overall health and well-being.
    But most importantly, it is recognized by academia around the world for “... having a strong anticancer effect”.
  • Q. 
    What kind of ingredients is General Balance Fucoidan comprised of?
  • A. 
    General Balance Fucoidan is produced with natural ingredients and does not contain any chemical excipients. 
    It is formulated with 100% domestically produced seaweed/kelp Fucoidan from Wando, South Korea, Glutathione, Rice Extract, and Chicory Extract, which are
    good for cancer. This product contains quality ingredients that are safe to consume. 
  • Q. 
    Can I take this product with other supplements?
  • A. 
    Yes, you can use this product with other supplements. Since Fucoidan is found in brown algae such as Motsk and
    Mechab, it is the same as eating Motsk and Mechab seaweed.
    It can be taken with medications, such as anticancer medications, and it has been reported that Fucoidan actually helps to suppress the side effects of
    anticancer medications such as loss of appetite, vomiting, and hair loss.
  • Q. 
    Is it safe for pregnant women or nursing. 
  • A. 
    While it is safe for those pregnant or nursing, we highly recommend consulting your physician prior to using this product. 
  • Q. 
    What is the best way to take this supplement?
  • A. 
    Take 5 tablets once a day with water. If you cannot take it all together at once, divide it up and take it througout the day. .
    The activity of immune cells increases during the active period (daytime) and decreases during the resting period (nighttime). Therefore, it is recommended to take General Balance Fucoidan after breakfast and lunch.
  • Product Name
    General Balance Fucoidan
  • Product Type
    Dietary Supplement
  • Net Wt.and Qty
    2.1 oz. (60 g) / 400 mg x 150 tablets
  • (Daily) Serving Size
    5 tablets (2,000 mg)
  • Directions
    Take 5 tablets once a day with water.
    For those that may have difficulty swallowing, the tablets are easily crushable and may be consumed as a powder. 
  • Ingredients
    Seaweed Extract Powder/Undaria
    pinnatifida, Dry Yeast, Corn Starch, Chicory Root Extract
    Powder, Seaweed Extract Powder/Laminaria Japonica,
    Yeast Extract powder/Glutathione, Grain Mixed Powder
    (Rice buds, Rice bran powder, Rice starch)
  • Precautions
    Use as directed and do not use past expiration date.
    Those with allergies or sensitivities must check all ingredients prior to consumption. 
    Children under 6 should be supervised to prevent overconsumption. 
  • Disclaimer
    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Manufactured Date & Expiration
    Listed Separated
  • Manufacturer
    General Bio Co., Ltd.
  • Distributed By
    GCOOP USA Corp.
  • Made in
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