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Your Personal Style Expressed Through Your Fingertips

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  • Product Name
    GCOOP N Stylist
  • Net Wt./Dimension
    1. Nail Strips (22 Strips 1 Box) 
    1) Uses: Nail Decor
    2) Materials: PET Film, Polyurethane, UV
    3) Distributor: GCOOP USA Corp. 3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2125, Los Angeles, CA 90010
    4) Country of Origin: Korea

    2. Mini Wood Nail File (1ea) 
    1) Uses: Filing
    2) Materials: Sandpaper, Wood
    3) Country of Origin: China

    3. Sanding Block (1ea)
    1) Materials: EVA
    2) Uses: Buffing
    3) Country of Origin: Korea

    4. Mini Wooden Cuticle Pusher (1ea)
    1) Material: Wood
    2) Uses : Cuticle Care
    3) Country of Origin: China

    5. FA Alcohol Swab (Isopropanol)
  • How to Use
    1. To prepare the nails for application, lightly buff the surface of the nail with the sanding block provided.
    2. Push back cuticles using the wooden cuticle pusher provided. 
    3. Remove any excess oils and remnants on the surface of the nail using the alcohol swab.
    4. Select a nail strip slightly smaller than your nail size, and remove it from the sheet. Align the nail strip with the cuticle line and press down and towards the edge of the nail. Press down on the sides to fully adhere to the nail strip.   
    5. File away the excess using the mini wood nail file provided for gorgeous looking nails. 
  • Ingredients
    Isopropanol 70% Inactive Ingredients: Water, Non-Woven Fabric (Cellulose 70%, Polyethylene terephthalate 30%) 
    1. Design Nail File 180/240 Grit -1EA
       Material: sandpaper+ eva+Ps resin 
       Uses: Filing   Country of Origin: South  Korea 
    2. Professional Zebra Nail File 180/240 Grit -1EA
       Material: sandpaper+eva+Ps resin 
       Uses: Filing   Country of Origin: South Korea
    3. Quick Shiner Buffer 600/4000 Grit -1EA
       Material : eva+Ps resin 
       Uses: Buffing    Country of Origin: South Korea 
    4. White Wood File 180/240 Grit - 2EA
       Material: sandpaper+wood 
       Uses: Filing    Country of Origin: South Korea
    5. Flex Foam Buffer -1EA
       Material : Flex foam+Ps resin 
       Uses: Buffing     Country of Origin: South Korea
    6. Nail Brush -1EA
       Material: Handle (PS), Bristles (Nylon) 
       Uses: For brushing off the dust on nails from filing and buffing    Country of Origin: China
    7. Wooden Cuticle Pusher -5EA
       Material: Wood
       Uses: Cuticle Care    Country of Origin: China 
  • Precautions
    Use as directed.
    Do not use for purposes other than intended.
    Remove after 7 days of use. Store in a cool dry place.
    Keep out of reach of children. 
    Keep away from heat. 
  • Manufacturer
    General Bio Co., Ltd.
  • Distributed By
    GCOOP USA Corp.
  • Made in
  • Manufactured Date & Expiration Date
    Listed Seperated
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